One on one time before your session, as well as during.

This one might be a given, but I love to get to know my clients prior to our sessions. I want to know what you want out of your session – why do you want these photos to begin with and what are you aiming to capture by having me take your photos.  These photos will be something you can cherish for years to come and I want your vision and mine to come together so we can create something that you’re proud to hang on your walls and pass on to your family someday. 

I also like to take some time prior to meeting to figure out if there are any “must have” shots --- have you seen something on Pinterest? Send it my way! Like I said previously, I want to bring your vision to life too and if you’ve got something particular, let’s try it! If it doesn’t work how we want, we’ll adjust and try something else, or jump for joy because it’s exactly what you wanted! 

As you can probably tell, I also don’t do mini sessions. They can be great for a few quick shots, but I want to spend more time with my clients and get a greater variety of shots. (No shame to those who do mini sessions, it’s just not my personal style.) I like having a bit more time – it gives your kids time to feel comfortable with me, or time for us to come up with some extra shots you hadn’t thought you’d want until we’re on location. I like the flexibility of setting aside a longer amount of time --- I’ve seen it so many times when people ask for a 30-minute session. By the time the 30 minutes is up, they’ve finally gotten comfortable enough with me that they’re ready to take more photos. I just go ahead and figure that in when it comes to my packages. It also allows for more time to travel to a second location, for example another pasture as we’re chasing the sunset down. 

Help choosing your outfits.

I love helping out with outfits – my biggest piece of advice is to not venture too far outside of your comfort zone. Wear what makes you feel the best in your own skin! I can help with direction on colors and coordinating outfits for the family, but if you’re tugging at your clothes the entire session, we’ll spend more time fixing and adjusting than we will actually capturing anything. I also want you to be able to look back and think, “Wow, I felt great in that outfit!”, not, “I wish I would’ve picked something more my style.” 

Future blog coming soon, sharing all of my tips and tricks for getting ready for your session! 

A laid back, let's have fun approach, during your session.

I do pose my clients, but your true personality comes across when you're having fun. We'll dance, we'll tell funny stories and if the kids want to play in the dirt -- let's do it! That's real life to me and I try to convey that in my photography. Genuine smiles and belly laughs are my speciality! We'll keep things light-hearted and easy going -- and if you aren't comfortable with certain poses, no worries that I'll "force you" into it. We'll find the ones you're most comfortable with.

Like I've said before, I want your true personality to shine through. These photos are a keepsake you'll have for a lifetime.

Professionally edited images -- no purchased presets.

I personally edit every individual photo that I take --- I don't out source my photo editing to another editor -- not only would I have to pass that cost on to my clients, but I also wouldn't have full control of the final product -- your photos! I also haven't purchased presets from someone else and I'm passing them off as my own work once you have the photos. I make my own "presets" for each session that are catered to the lighting and environment we're in. I've spent years developing my style and taking the time to make sure each photo reflects that. I took classes in graduate school that taught me how to edit photos, and I put that to use for every session.

Availability for add ons after you've selected your favorites.

I do offer purchasing of more photos outside of the number included in your package. If you find you just can't leave out a few more (or 20 more!) they can be purchased individually. I also offer printing of your photos and other additional keepsakes. Contact me to find out what is available!

Ready to book?

Contact me below if you're ready to book your next session! Please include your desired date, plus a few additional "back up" dates, as well as the type of session you're looking for.

I am booking out 30 days in advance, but some accommodations can be made.